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Centro Comunitario Maya Otoch Paal Montessori: Fostering Quality Education in Akumal

Located in Akumal Pueblo is the Centro Comunitario Maya Otoch Paal Montessori, a beacon of hope and learning for local children for the past 18 years. Founded to provide quality education to children in Akumal and its surrounding communities, including Chemuyil and Pto Aventuras, this community center remains true to its mission of fostering growth and development during children’s formative years.

Montessori Education System

Following the globally renowned Montessori system, the Centro Comunitario Maya Otoch Paal Montessori emphasizes the development of values, respect, and social skills among children. The Montessori approach is highly respected for its child-centered educational philosophy, allowing children to explore and learn independently. The local community has warmly embraced this method, aligning well with their values and expectations for their children’s education.

Unique School Structure

To meet the certification requirements set by the SEP (Secretaria de Educacion Publica), the center is registered as a private school. This ensures that children who graduate from the center can seamlessly integrate into other schools. The school’s unique structure sets it apart: local children are not expected to pay tuition. Instead, parents contribute their time and skills to the school’s upkeep. During the week, parents volunteer to clean classrooms, while weekends are dedicated to more intensive tasks such as painting and masonry to keep the school in optimal condition. Parents who can pay monthly tuition also contribute significantly, providing essential funds for the school’s utilities and staff salaries.

Current Programs

The school offers an early learning program for children aged 1 to 3 and a preschool program for children ages 3 to 6. Its ambition is to expand to include elementary classes for children aged 6 to 12. However, this ambitious goal requires substantial financial support to cover expenses such as building additional classrooms and ensuring mandatory teacher training and certification.

The Centro Comunitario Maya Otoch Paal Montessori is a shining example of community collaboration and dedication to education. It is a place where local children can receive a high-quality education without financial barriers, thanks to the collective efforts of their families and the broader community.

Community Collaboration and Support

We invite you to visit the Centro Comunitario Maya Otoch Paal Montessori to witness firsthand the incredible work. Whether you are interested in enrolling your child, volunteering your time, or supporting the center’s growth, your involvement can make a significant difference. Together, we can ensure that this vital educational institution continues to thrive and expand, providing even more opportunities for the children of Akumal and beyond.

Contact information

You can call for an appointment to visit the school via WhatsApp at +529841351892.

For more information or to arrange a visit, please contact us at Your support can help us achieve our dream of expanding our programs and facilities, ensuring a brighter future for the next generation.

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