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Getting Around

Akumal has several transportation options catering to the preferences and needs of its visitors.

Visitors in Akumal can move around using several available public and private transportation methods. The area is divided into several zones, each with its own recommended mode of transport.

Guests staying on Yal Ku Lagoon, North Akumal, Half Moon, Bay, and Akumal Bay can walk, bike, or ride golf carts to get to nearby shops and restaurants during their stay. For guests staying on Jade Bay, Akumal South, and Aventuras Akumal, there are a variety of methods of transportation, including car rentals and private drivers.

Walking, Biking, and Golf Carts

The most convenient and environmentally friendly ways to explore are walking, biking, or riding golf carts for those staying in areas like Yal Ku Lagoon, North Akumal, Half Moon Bay, and Akumal Bay. These modes of transport are perfect for short distances and offer a great way to enjoy the scenic beauty of Akumal at a leisurely pace. Visitors can easily access nearby shops, restaurants, and beaches, making these options ideal for those who prefer to stay within the local area.

Colectivos and Tuk-Tuks

Colectivos or combis (shared minibusses) and tuk-tuks (motorized rickshaws) are available for a more immersive and budget-friendly adventure. These are popular for trips from Yal Ku Lagoon to the Pueblo. Colectivos and tuk-tuks provide a taste of local life and efficiently travel short to moderate distances while keeping costs low. There’s a local colectivo that runs from Yal-ku lagoon to the pueblo and Colectivos that run from Playa del Carmen to Tulum about every 20 minutes. See more > > >

Taxis, Private Drivers, and Car Rentals 

Taxis, private drivers, and car rentals are highly recommended for those in more private residential areas like Jade Bay, South Akumal, and Aventuras Akumal. These options offer greater flexibility and convenience, especially for visiting attractions farther away or those who prefer a more private and comfortable travel experience. Taxis and private drivers can be easily arranged at hotels or local stands, while car rentals offer the freedom to explore at one’s own pace. See more > > >

Area Maps

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Regardless of the mode of transport, Akumal’s diverse options ensure that visitors can explore this stunning area comfortably and conveniently, making the most of their stay in this slice of paradise. Of course, should you need further assistance, feel free to contact us at and our team of local experts will gladly help you find the information you need.

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