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Culture & Traditions

Akumal Is Alive With Festivities Year-Round

Fall & Winter

Locals celebrate our beloved marine friends with The Sea Turtle Festival as beaches shimmer in October. November is a time of remembrance with Dia De Muertos and a nod to our American community members with Thanksgiving.

December sings with the melodies of Dia de la Guadalupana and the warmth of posadas before Christmas. And as the year wanes, February dances in with the colorful Carnival. Akumal’s traditions are a radiant blend of the old and the new, the local and the global.


Spring and summer in Akumal offer a variety of activities that take full advantage of its beautiful natural surroundings and warm climate. Sea Turtle observation begins in late spring with sea turtle nesting season followed by shark whale migration season.

Spring and summer are good seasons for exploring nearby communities, fishing, eco-tours, wildlife watching, and visiting crowd-free archeological sites.

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