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Plan Your Dream Vacation in Akumal: Protect Sea Turtles and Restore Coral Reefs

Explore vibrant coral reefs, and immerse yourself in meaningful volunteer work while on vacation, where you can relax on pristine beaches. Akumal offers a unique opportunity to combine leisure with impactful environmental conservation. Join the Centro Ecologico de Akumal (CEA) in their mission to protect sea turtles, restore coral reefs, and engage with the local community.

Volunteer with the Sea Turtle Protection Program

The CEA Sea Turtle Protection Program is dedicated to safeguarding the nesting sea turtles of Akumal, their nests, and hatchlings. As a volunteer, you’ll be at the forefront of conservation efforts, patrolling the beaches during nesting season, which runs from April to October.

Commitment Time: 2 weeks
Dates: Start dates every Monday from May 13, 2024, to October 7, 2024.
Cost: $180 USD for 2 weeks, $350 USD for 4 weeks.

What to Expect
  • Training: Learn sea turtle monitoring protocols, species identification, and data collection methods during the first week.
  • Fieldwork: Participate in beach patrols, nest identification, data recording, and hatchling releases.
  • Awareness Raising: Educate tourists and residents about sea turtle biology and conservation.

Dive into Coral Reef Restoration

Help restore the vibrant reef ecosystems of Akumal by joining CEA’s Coral Reef Restoration project. Volunteers work on caring for coral nurseries, replanting coral fragments, and monitoring the reef’s health.

Commitment Time: 1 week
Dates: Start dates from January 10 to December 1.
Cost: $300 USD per week.

What to Expect
  • Training: Receive education on coral reef ecology and restoration techniques.
  • Fieldwork: Engage in activities such as maintaining coral nurseries and monitoring previously planted corals.
  • Flexibility: Be prepared for weather-dependent schedule adjustments and enjoy weekends free to explore the region.

Monitor Juvenile Sea Turtles

Participate in the Juvenile Turtle Monitoring project to gather critical data on the young sea turtles inhabiting Akumal’s bays. This project focuses on understanding their behaviors and the impact of tourism on their environment.

Commitment Time: 1 week
Dates: June 17; July 15; August 12; September 23; October 14; November 11, 2024.
Cost: $150 USD per week.

What to Expect
  • Training: Learn to handle research equipment, marine terrain navigation, and monitoring protocols.
  • Fieldwork: Conduct surveys, collect data, and assist in developing recommendations for sustainable tourism practices.
  • Safety: Volunteers work in pairs or trios for safety during field activities.
What’s Included and What’s Not


  • Pre-arrival support
  • Course materials and lessons
  • Research support and guidance
  • Research tools and equipment
  • Volunteer T-shirt

Not Included

  • Accommodation
  • Diving equipment (regulator, BCD, wetsuit)
  • Food and drinks
  • Transportation and transfers
  • Medical insurance, travel insurance, diving insurance
  • Excursions or weekend activities
Apply Now

Volunteer with CEA in Akumal to transform your vacation into a meaningful adventure. Whether you choose to protect nesting sea turtles, restore coral reefs, or monitor juvenile turtles, your contribution will make a lasting impact on this beautiful coastal community. Apply now to start your eco-friendly vacation in Akumal!

For more information and to apply, visit Centro Ecologico de Akumal or email us at for more details on how to join the movement to protect and conserve Akumal’s natural treasures.

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