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Discover Akumal’s Best Shopping: Unique Art and Traditional Handicrafts

Exploring Akumal is a chance to enjoy stunning beaches and vibrant marine life and discover unique shopping destinations where you can find the perfect souvenirs to bring home. Each shop in Akumal tells a story of culture and creativity, from handcrafted artwork to traditional Mexican handicrafts.

Akumal Arte Gallery

In the heart of Pueblo, Akumal Arte Gallery is a treasure trove of unique artwork by local artist Sergio Gamboa. Here, art enthusiasts can find pieces that capture the essence of Akumal’s culture and landscapes, making for meaningful keepsakes or gifts.

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At Mexicarte, there’s something to suit every taste. This shop offers a diverse range of items, from handmade clay pottery to mesmerizing Huichol art and traditional Mexican handicrafts. It also has two convenient locations—one inside Club Akumal Caribe and another by the arch for some great shopping and dining at Plaza Ukana.

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Vida Zen

For those seeking contemporary gifts and chic resort wear, Vida Zen is the place to be. Located on Akumal Bay next to Lol Ha, this shop offers a variety of home decor and miscellaneous items that are perfect for adding a touch of zen to your life or as thoughtful gifts.

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Right next to La Buena Vida on Half Moon Bay, Citlali stands out for its beautiful collection of souvenirs crafted by Mexican artisans. This shop is a go-to for those looking to take a piece of Mexico’s rich artistic tradition home.

Galeria Lamanai

Situated on the serene Akumal Bay, Galeria Lamanai is famed for its exquisite selection of fine Mexican art. Shoppers can browse through textiles, Talavera pottery, and silver jewelry adorned with semiprecious stones, finding pieces that are beautiful and steeped in Mexican heritage.

Each of these shops in Akumal offers a unique opportunity to connect with the local culture through their offerings. Whether you’re searching for a unique piece of art, traditional handicrafts, or stylish resort wear, Akumal’s shopping scene enchants every visitor. Find more information about where to shop in Akumal and email us at

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