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Accessing Akumal Beaches: Entrances, Fees, and Tips

Your Guide to Akumal’s Beaches

Akumal, nestled on the Quintana Roo coast in Mexico, is celebrated for its remarkable beaches, transparent waters, and vibrant underwater life. Whether you’re looking to relax by the sea or explore the underwater world, Akumal provides an array of experiences. Here’s what you need to know about gaining access to the beaches of Akumal.

Accessibility of Akumal Bay Beach

Yes, Akumal Bay Beach welcomes the public. Being a protected marine area, its access is carefully managed to maintain its natural beauty and rich biodiversity. Visitors can enter through specific public entrances, ensuring a balance between tourism and environmental preservation.

Entrance Fees to Akumal’s Beaches

While entering Akumal Bay itself is largely free, particularly through the southern entrance, other entrances at the bay’s northern end, like the Akumal Dive Shop and Parque Tsuuk, may vary in their access policies. The smaller, more secluded beaches within residential areas limit access primarily to guests of hotels, vacation rentals, and locals. Certain restaurants in these locales offer beach access to their diners.

Where to Enter

Tsuuk Natural Park
A welcoming spot for both locals, who enter free with Quintana Roo residency proof, and visitors, who pay $120 pesos per person. This fee includes access to facilities, lockers, showers, and bathrooms. For details, visit Tsuuk Natural Park.

Hotel Club Akumal Caribe
Access is granted to guests of Lol Ha Beachfront Snack Bar, the restaurant, and the Akumal Dive Center through the hotel, leading directly to the beach.

Southern Entrance
This public access point, also known as the “window to the sea,” offers a path to the bay’s main area. It has become a favored route for tour groups moving from Akumal’s southern end to the bay.

Visiting Akumal’s More Secluded Beaches

The less frequented beaches in Akumal, set within private residential spaces, do offer day access through specific points:

Half Moon Bay
Guests at La Lunita and La Buena Vida restaurants can enjoy their meals with beachside views and access.

Jade Bay
Home to the Jungle Fish Beach Club, which provides a welcoming environment and dining options throughout the day for families.

Aventuras Akumal
Accessible through the Bikini Beach Bar at Hotel Rosa Del Viento, this beach invites visitors to explore its serene shores.

Making the Most of Your Visit

To enjoy a seamless and enriching visit to Akumal’s beaches, keep these tips in mind:

Environment First
Adhering to guidelines and respecting the habitat of local marine life is key in a protected area like Akumal.

Pre-Visit Planning
Verify the access points and their operational hours before you visit.

Enjoy Local Cuisine
Dining at one of the beachfront restaurants or booking a dive through the dive center can enhance your beach access options.

Akumal’s beaches cater to various preferences, from peaceful shorelines to exciting marine explorations. By respecting local rules and the natural surroundings, visitors can help ensure these beachfronts remain vibrant and welcoming for future generations. Contact us at for more information and details about visiting Akumal’s beaches

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