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Tsuuk Akumal Park: A Family-Friendly Beach Adventure

Discover a family adventure like no other at Tsúuk Akumal Park, located right next to the Akumal Dive Shop’s entrance. This eco-friendly sanctuary combines the beauty of nature with sustainable practices, making it a perfect day out for families. With its welcoming atmosphere and an array of amenities like restrooms, showers, and lockers, everyone from the youngest explorers to the elders will find something to cherish. Dive into the essence of Akumal by supporting local conservation efforts while creating unforgettable memories. There’s even a small snack bar on site for guests to enjoy during their stay.

Tsúuk Park in Akumal is an excellent destination for an unforgettable family adventure that contributes to the local community and marine life protection. Your visit not only promises a day filled with fun and safety—with amenities like toilets, showers, changing rooms, lockers, lifeguard services, and paramedical services included in your ticket. The park is also key in regulating the number of visitors that access Akumal Bay during the day to ensure Akumal’s most beloved resident sea turtles are not overstressed by too many tourists. Enjoy the sea with the comfort of umbrellas and chairs, knowing that the park follows strict health safety protocols. Plus, residents of the Tulum Municipality enjoy free access, showcasing the park’s commitment to the local community. Quintana Roo Residents pay $50 pesos, out of state Mexican residents pay $120 pesos and internationatl visitor only pay $7 US as of April 2, 2024.

A visit to Tsúuk Park is not just a day out; it’s a step towards preserving the natural beauty of Akumal for future generations. For more details, visit their website or contact us at to get information about your upcoming visit to Akumal.

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