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Exploring cenotes is a unique and unforgettable experience in Akumal. These natural sinkholes, formed by the collapse of limestone bedrock, reveal a secret underwater world of crystal-clear waters and stunning rock formations. These natural pools are a gateway to exploring the region’s rich landscape and a window into the Mayan culture, as they were considered sacred by the ancient civilization.

Visiting a cenote in Akumal is like stepping into a different realm, where the tranquility of the clear, fresh waters and the beauty of the surrounding nature create a serene escape. The cenote beach clubs elevate this experience, blending luxury with nature. They offer amenities like comfortable loungers, delicious local cuisine, and cocktails, all while the breathtaking beauty of these natural wonders surrounds you. Whether you’re an avid snorkeler, a lover of unique natural landscapes, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, Akumal’s cenotes and cenote beach clubs are a must-visit destination that offers adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion.


Cenote Calavera

A bit further from Akumal, towards Tulum.

Also known as the "Temple of Doom," this cenote has three openings at the top which appear as skull eyes when viewed from below – hence its name. Jumping into the water from these holes is an exhilarating experience. The underwater caverns here are fascinating to explore for divers.

Cenote Cristalino

Puerto Aventuras

Located in Puerto Aventuras, this is one of the most exciting cenotes in Riviera Maya offering a refreshing escape from the bustling tourist spots.

Cenote Dos Ojos

Just a 15-minute drive north of Akumal.

One of the most famous cenotes in the Riviera Maya, Dos Ojos (meaning "Two Eyes"), consists of two circular cenotes connected by a large underwater cavern. It's a popular spot for snorkeling and scuba diving, with its clear blue waters offering a view of stunning underwater rock formations

Aktun Chen

Near to Chemuyil

An ecotourism wonder, Aktun Chen beckons with its trio of adventures. Dive into the crystalline depths of an underground river, snorkeling alongside fish that have never seen sunlight. Challenge your limits by zip-lining amidst the treetops, or step back in time with a guided tour of a 5-million-year-old cave, its walls echoing ancient tales.

Cenote Santa Cruz

Akumal Pueblo

Situated near Akumal, just a few minutes' drive towards the inland, Cenote Santa Cruz is a lesser-known treasure, making it a more tranquil and less crowded spot for those in the know. It is unique due to the extensive underground cavern system, illuminated by patches of sunlight filtering through openings in the cave roof. The cenote offers snorkeling and diving experiences, with guided tours to explore the majestic underground formations.

Cenote Taak Bi Ha

Close to Dos Ojos

A less crowded alternative to Dos Ojos, Taak Bi Ha is a dream for divers. The entrance is a small opening that leads to a large chamber with clear waters and mesmerizing stalactites and stalagmites. The light filtering through the entrance creates a surreal ambiance.

Cenote Xunaan-Ha

Near Chemuyil, a short drive from Akumal.

Xunaan-Ha is a smaller, less commercialized cenote, making it a tranquil escape. Surrounded by lush jungle vegetation, its clear, calm waters are home to small fish. A wooden deck around the cenote makes it easy for visitors to relax and soak in the natural beauty.

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