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Eating And Dining

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Akumal offers a delightful dining scene featuring a mix of local and international cuisines. Seafood is a highlight, with fresh catches served daily. Beachfront restaurants and cozy eateries provide a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for enjoying traditional Mexican dishes. For entertainment, the town is quieter than its neighbors but still offers charming bars and live music venues, particularly in the evenings. The laid-back vibe is ideal for those seeking a peaceful evening after a day of beach activities or exploring.

Favorite Local Dishes


A trip to Akumal is complete with savoring the many tacos on offer. Be it the delicate flavors of fish tacos or the rich and sumptuous cochinita pibil, a slow-roasted pork marinated in citrus and annatto seeds, every bite explores Yucatecan authenticity.


Akumal is a haven for seafood lovers. Revel in fresh ceviche, where citrus-cured seafood dances with tomatoes, onions, and cilantro, or relish a plate of perfectly grilled fish seasoned with local herbs.

Local Delicacies

The gastronomic journey continues beyond seafood. Indulge in tamales, steamed corn dough parcels filled with meat or cheese; salutes, slopes, and panuchos, tortillas stuffed with beans and topped with turkey or chicken; Sopa de lima, a tangy lime soup; and for the sweet-toothed, don’t miss out on the rich and ancient Mayan chocolate.

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La Cueva del Pescador

+52 984 857 9002

This local Caribbean restaurant is just perfect for sea food lovers and family dinners. They always offer a great variety of fish dishes, fresh catch of the day and other local typical plates. p.s. Their margaritas are the best ones in town!

Lol-Ha Beachfront Restaurant

Akumal Bay
+52 984 985 9013

Located on the beach, Lol-Ha offers local seafood,regional Mexican food , great steaks, pizza, and International favorites . It is kid friendly, casual, and has the best view of the main bay. Check for weekly live entertainment and look into our romantic dinners on the beach. Our staff will welcome you and make you feel at home. Same owners since 1984.

Taverna Akumal

Taverna Akumal
Plaza Ukana, Akumal
+52 984 119 4700

Akumal’s most beloved family restaurant for fine dining features Italian favorites with a tropical twist. 

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