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Fishing & Sailing tours

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Dive into the heart of the Caribbean’s maritime allure right from Akumal’s shores. Whether you’re an avid angler, a sailing enthusiast, or someone seeking the luxury of a yacht experience, the azure expanse awaits your exploration.

Fly Fishing

Delve into the art of fly fishing in the tranquil flats and brackish lagoons near Akumal. Perfect for beginners and seasoned anglers, you can try catching bonefish, tarpon, or permit amidst the serene backdrop of the Caribbean landscape. Guides are available to teach or refine your fly fishing techniques.

Deep Sea Sport Fishing

Thrill-seekers can venture further into the deep blues for an adrenaline-pumping sport fishing experience. Aim to reel in a mighty marlin, vigorous mahi-mahi, or the swift wahoo. Most charters come with experienced crews to help ensure you make a memorable catch.

Sunset Catamaran Cruise

Experience the beauty of a Caribbean sunset from the deck of a catamaran. Glide along the water as the horizon paints orange, pink, and purple hues. Some cruises offer complimentary drinks, making it a romantic or relaxing venture as you toast to the setting sun.

Private Sailboat and Yacht Charters

Private charters are the way for those seeking a more exclusive and luxurious maritime experience. Whether you want to celebrate a special occasion or simply indulge in the grandeur of the Caribbean, chartering a private yacht or sailboat offers an unparalleled experience. With personalized services, gourmet meals, and potential stops at secluded coves or vibrant reefs, it’s an adventure tailored to your desires.


Akumal Dive Center

Akumal Bay

Located in downtown Akumal, the dive center offers diving tours, courses, fishing trips, and snorkeling.

Akumal Dive Shop

Akumal Bay
+52 (984) 875 9031

Akumal's first dive shop offers unforgettable underwater adventures: snorkeling with turtles, catamaran tours, and ocean dives.

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