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Navigating Akumal with Colectivos: An Affordable and Convenient Transport Option

Colectivos, or combis, are an affordable, convenient way for visitors in Akumal to explore.  These shared vans are a popular mode of transportation among locals and an excellent way for travelers to get around the area. 

Yalku Lagoon to Akumal Pueblo

The Colectivo is an excellent choice for a quick and budget-friendly trip from Yalku Lagoon to Akumal Pueblo. The cost is just 40 pesos per person, making it much more economical than taxis. These colectivos operate on a request basis, stopping as needed, depending on their capacity. This route is particularly convenient for those staying in Akumal and looking to visit the serene Yalku Lagoon, known for its clear waters and excellent snorkeling opportunities.

How to Catch a Colectivo Here?

You can usually find colectivos on the main road near Yalku Lagoon. It’s best to ask a local or your accommodation for the exact pickup spot. Be prepared to flag down the van, as they often don’t have formal stops.

Playa Del Carmen to Tulum

This route is a bit longer but incredibly scenic and convenient for those wanting to explore the Riviera Maya region. Colectivos on the Playa Del Carmen to Tulum route have designated stops along the highway, conveniently located by each resort, cenote, or town between the cities.

Cost and Availability

The cost varies depending on your destination, but it remains affordable compared to private taxis or car rentals. Colectivos run frequently throughout the day, typically starting early in the morning until late in the evening.

Where to Catch a Colectivo?

Guests in north Akumal can catch the wave down the colectivo from Yalku Lagoon to the Pueblo on Akumal Road. The colectivos stop from Akumal to Playa del Carmen or Tulum and are on the highway by bridge. In Playa Del Carmen, the Colectivo stop is usually located on Calle 2 Norte between Avenida 15 and 20. You can find them in Tulum on the main avenue. You can flag stops along the way, such as cenotes or specific resorts, down on the side of the highway.

Tips for Using Colectivos
  • Have Cash Ready: Colectivo drivers only accept cash, and having the exact change is always helpful.
  • Be Mindful of the Schedule: While colectivos run frequently, checking the last return time is wise, especially if you’re traveling from Tulum to Playa Del Carmen in the evening.
  • Travel Light: Space can be limited, so traveling with small backpacks or bags is best.
  • Speak Up: Don’t hesitate to tell the driver your destination when you board, and remind them as you approach your stop.

Using colectivos is not only a cost-effective way to travel but also offers a glimpse into the everyday life of locals. It’s an adventure and a chance to meet fellow travelers and residents. So, next time you’re in Akumal, hop on a colectivo and enjoy the ride!

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