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Ride with a Purpose: Yal-Ku to Akumal Unique Ride Fares

Learn about the friendly and efficient world of the Akumal to Yal-Ku Colectivo service. This initiative, proudly supported by the Mary Henderson Foundation, is a testament to community spirit and the commitment to providing accessible transportation for everyone, from local students and workers to visitors from far and wide.

A Commute with a Cause

At the heart of this program is a desire to make daily commutes affordable for those who keep Akumal vibrant and lively. Whether getting to school or work, the Akumal to Yal-Ku Colectivo ensures no one is left behind. But this service is even more remarkable with its tiered pricing system, designed with inclusivity and fairness.

Yalku-Akumal Route and Stops

Just a minute from the entrance to the Akumal Monkey Sanctuary, the Yalku-Akumal colectivo route starts in the Pueblo on the main street, Avenida Guerrero, across the school and the Casa Del Pescador restaurant and goes all the way into Akumal Norte until it’s final stop at Yal-Ku Lagoon.
The colectivo runs approximately every 30 minutes, barring any unexpected issues, from 8:30 AM – 5 PM. There are a few designated stops but passengers can wave-down the colectivo that says Akumal – Yalku and the driver will stop if there is room in the van.

Existing Stops
  • Ave. Gonzalo Guerreo and Calle Punta Allende
  • Casa Zama
  • Jungla Cafe
  • Yalku Lagoon
Why the Difference?

The tiered pricing system is not just about fares; it’s a reflection of Colectivo’s mission to serve the community first and foremost while still welcoming those from outside the area. By offering lower rates to INE cardholders and locals, the service acknowledges students’ and workers’ essential daily travel needs. Meanwhile, the higher fare for out-of-state passengers is a way to support the sustainability of the Colectivo, ensuring it continues to serve its primary users effectively.

Understanding the Pricing

Here’s a quick breakdown of the fare structure:

INE Cardholders: Pay just 10 MXN pesos. This rate is specially designed for registered residents of Akumal, as proven by their INE card—a form of official identification in Mexico that also indicates local residency. This concession acknowledges the daily needs of the local population.

Locals: Those who can prove their residence anywhere in Mexico are charged 20 MXN pesos. This category ensures that all Mexican residents benefit from an affordable rate regardless of their specific home within the country.

Out-of-State Passengers: Visitors from abroad are charged 40 MXN pesos. This fare reflects the recreational use of the Colectivo by tourists who wish to explore the beautiful surroundings of North Akumal.

More Than Just a Ride

By choosing the Yal-Ku to Akumal Colectivo, out-of-state passengers contribute directly to a service that does much more than just ferry people back and forth. They become part of a larger effort to support local communities, ensuring the service remains viable and affordable for those who rely on it most.

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